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About Chloe Flower Wall

Chloe Flower Wall was established by a couple “Chloe & Peter” in early 2019.

Chloe always loves flower since she was young. She loves the beauty and the colour of the flowers. Whenever she has time, she would grow different types of flowers in her garden. 

After their beautiful wedding with a gorgeous flower wall as their backdrop, she discovered the backdrops which are full of flowers are the most beautiful backdrops among all kinds. 

Later being inspired, more different styles and colour mixtures of flower walls are being searched as they think everyone should enjoy having a beautiful backdrop like theirs.

The idea of providing high-quality, unique silk flower walls were created, and joyfully it has become a  part-time business for them,  with all support from her husband and our team,

Chloe flower wall was successfully established and now has many happy customers since then.

The primary purpose of this business is to provide affordable but beautiful high-quality flower walls to the local community.


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Flower bouquets story

A story about Elegant Bouquets


Flesh Flowers Alternative

In 2020 -We’ve added this new product line Elegant Bouquets – original name:  Flower Hamptons (artificial flower bouquets/ items) to Chloe Flower walls located in Melbourne Victoria, these items will be delivered to your doorstep – we ship worldwide.

Our floral designers have years of experience in making silk bouquets and carefully choosing material that looks as realistic as possible. 

They are open to listening to our customers and continuously improving our services and product quality. Our customers have the highest rate of satisfaction with the design and quality of our products. please see our products reviews

Our goal is to provide good value for you –
That is budget-friendly, beautiful designs and good quality of all flower bouquets.

We ensure that we provide you with the best price but in no way cheap quality.  Each flower bouquet is custom-made by order directly from the best suppliers from overseas.

Environmentally friendly packaging

For the packaging, many companies will use custom packaging which provides useful imaging and promotion for the businesses. However, that comes down to an extra cost-  it’s not for free.

All the costs will add up to the final price that you are paying. it will be –
$15-$20 on top of the purchase 

We aim to be as Environmentally friendly as possible to have less waste from the production line added to this,  is to provide you with the best prices that can save you money. Because of that, you will be receiving your flower bouquets/ items in the brown recycling box – original package- which have a better impact on the planet.

Finally, I want to say a big thanks to you for visiting our page :)! We wish you be able to find what you are looking for, and if you have any questions about having a budget in mind.  or want a customized flower bouquet, please send out a message to about flower bouquets, or fill up our Elegant Bouquets contact us form, we are happy to help and hope you have a nice day!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        loves from

Chloe & Peter 

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