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Elegant Bouquets

Light & Elegant Minimalism

Hight Quality-Artificial Flower Bouquets


Our Silk Flower Bouquets Shop @Elegantbouquets in which you can find all beautiful artificial bouquets 

Our Beautiful quality artificial flower bouquets will give you a lifetime of happiness knowing that you have a timeless piece that you can keep at home forever. 

All of them are handmade by order, and our professional floral designer created the designs. We cover a vast board of a variety of colors and flower styles.







  • Those flowers that it will never wilt, look realistic also more affordable!

  •  Bridal, bridesmaid, flower girl boutonniere, Corsage flower headpieces



  • Make your memories forever.

  • A forever Bouquet that will always make you smile when you see it at home in your finest Vase.

  • To remember your Wedding event or a special gift from someone you love

IMG_1936_1 (2).jpg

In our Bridal Party Package, you can choose a custom package (e.g. for the bridal party) with up to $90 discount per order; it can save you a significant amount of money for choosing package than buying individual one.


Romantic Range is the best to choose from if you are looking for bridal party bouquets with plenty of colours and styles that you can choose.


Some of our favourite Australian Natives are Banksia, Bottle Brush, Waratah, Proteas, Billy Buttons, Wax flowers.

They are also mixed and matched with some other non-native beautiful flowers in our bouquets


Korean design that you can find from the drama that cares about all small detail of the craft art.


Style high-quality Wedding Buttonholes and Corsages with many colours to choose from.


a variety of flower arrangement that you can buy alone or with the vase together. the flowers are used high-quality material that feels and looks like the fresh one.

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