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Photo : Kim Kardashian

Having a flower wall for your wedding day is something that you may never think you had to have. It is a beautiful accessory which can add class, elegance, character and fun to your big day.  No matter if it is your wedding or any formal event such as proms, graduation parties, birthdays, baby showers etc.


Many celebrities made this trend famous by posting a lot of interesting selfies in their flower wall. For instance, Kim Kardashian became a trendsetter in 2015 during her wedding ceremony by using a luxurious tropical white, Ivory flower wall at the reception. Ever since then this trend blew up and developed into a masterpiece which is consistent out of unique color combos, and breathtaking blossom designs.

How Do They Look?

All Flower walls from Chloe Flower Walls are unique and a great reproduction  of a real-life thing. The walls are not made out of Genuine flowers, but high-quality silk flowers which are the best replacement for the real option . All of the walls are handcrafted  and designed in the unqiue way to ensure they look as close as the real flower as possible. 

Why You Should Hire a Flower Wall for your event/ Wedding?

There are many reasons, such as:


You will probably be taking a lot of pictures and you want to look your best in each and every one. What a flower wall can do for your pictures is that it can bring life and color. You can place it anywhere where you feel like, such as at the newlywed couples table, behind the cake, at the food or drinks table etc. Not only that you will have beautiful pictures, but your guests, as well, can enjoy the photo session during the whole night.



This wall will add a lot of elegance and glams to the whole venue, . Choose a wall which truly represents you, you can have any color, flower, or even styles for your event. you can simply place one wall at your desired corner that your guest and you can do a lot of photoshoots with. These walls usually are 2.4 meters in height as well as in width, and this can be chosen in our Flower Walls collections. All in all, you will definitely have one of a kind wall which will represent you. 


This wall is a unique centrepiece which you can choose the color to suit your event theme as you like. However, if you are someone who is indecisive and you are not ready to make a commitment to a certain flower color or style, here are some wall options that you can go for:

- White/ Ivory Flower Wall

This kind is mostly used at weddings since it truly represents and matches the all-white bride theme. Flowers used in the making process are mostly white roses as well as Lily's and Tulips.

White roses, the purist of colors, represent innocence, purity and charm, they are traditionally used in weddings and can represent new beginnings. You can use this wall for bridal showers and minimalist birthday parties. Your pictures will look very elegant but at the same time simple. If you are someone who doesn't like tacky and colorful prints, this wall will suit and represent you the best. 

Photo: Chloe Flower Walls

- Red/ Pink Flower Wall

A bright and colorful red wall is made out of pink and red roses and looks very elegant and romantic. red is the color of love and romance. it symbolizes courage, respect, constancy, admiration and, of course, desire.

Pink Flower Delicate light pink hues speak of gentleness, happiness and love. it's a very romantic flower color, it’s also a symbol of grace and innocence.  Women love this backdrop option since it gives out fairytale vibes. This type is also very loved for birthday parties, bridal showers since it looks girly and cute. You can also use it for ''it's a girl'' baby showers. 


- Green Flower Wall

This Greenary Ivory Flower wall is entirely made out of Ivory roses and Green Leaves. This wall is the best option for natural Garden wedding look,  some special gatherings, dinners, or corporate events.

Photography by Chloe Flower Walls

-Colorful Flower Walls

Photography by Chloe Flower Walls
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