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Signages -Neon Light & Lettering
  • Signages -Neon Light & Lettering

    We do custom signage for our customer with the name or message on it. the colour can be chosen like Gold, Silver or Black. Price varies depends on the size (50cm - 80cm) that you choose.

    Please allow at least 4 weeks for custom signage to be made.



    Pre-made Signage & Neon Light
    Neon Light - The hiring cost is $65 each 
    (Size approx 60cm w)
    1. Happily Ever After (Hot Pink)
    2. Happy Birthday ( White)
    3. Party Time (Hot Pink)
    4. Wish you were here (Pink & Blue)
    5. It was always you (Warm White)
    For the Wooden Signage ( Pre-made), the Hiring cost is $45 each 
    Size approx  60-70cm w)
    1. Happy Birthday (White Paint)
    2. Bride to be (White Paint)
    3. 21st (White Paint)
    4. Baby Shower (Gold Paint)
    5. Mr & Mrs (Gold Paint)
    6. Just married (Gold Paint)


    Check our availability and get a quote of the event here 


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