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Marble-looked Cake Plinth (set of 3)
  • Marble-looked Cake Plinth (set of 3)

    Marble-looked Cake Plinth available for hire if you hire one of our flower walls/ backdrop 


    This plinth set matches all different theme , wedding or birthday party and make your picture unique by its unique Marble-looked and white-based colour.


    Add this plinth set for $ 99 only (3 of them) or hire just 1 to suit your theme.


    Individual hire price is

    100cm h x 29cm w ($45)

    80cm h x 27cm ($35)

    60cm h x 25cm ($30)


    Adding this to flower wall wall package, Plinth is no addtional delivery fee.


    Please note this Plinth set is not available for self-pickup nor rental on its own. It is only available with our flower wall package. (We will deliver and pickup)


    A refundable bond  is required for hiring this cake plinth in case of damage.


    *Please note This is not real marble - it's decal underneath is a mirror plinth.

    *The flowers  are not included in the rental, its for decoration only!

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